Product Details

Sourcing Cloud Auctions helps manage eAuction events, both forward and reverse. Delivering a simple, efficient and managed solution for deployment to organisations large and small.


  • Managed Auction
  • Dedicated Support
  • Integration with Sourcing Cloud Tender
  • Price and Value Evaluation

Problems with eAuction:

  • Resource intensive
  • Time consuming
  • Difficult to control and audit

Existing eAuction solutions:

  • Complex to set-up
  • Are too expensive
  • Poor integration with eTender

Sourcing Cloud Auction:

  • Simple and intuitive approach
  • Priced per event
  • Fully trained and experienced support team
  • Managed auction events
  • Full integration with Sourcing Cloud Tender
  • Rapid deployment so customers can be up and running in under a week

To learn more about Sourcing Cloud Auction:

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